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Of Bunnies and Nasty Politics

(Taken from our March Newsletter)
Have you ever wondered how bunnies hopped into the Easter Story? Well, it is a long story and the telling of it doesn't really change the truth. That is how distractions function”they hop into the middle of something meaningful and alter the narrative to the point where the meaning is threatened or lost altogether. This round of bickering partisan politics has proven the point with great vigor. Those running for office seem to be speaking very little about what it means to be the president of the United States -it has become a discussion about personalities and once again the truth gets lost in the process. It is because of the extreme importance of the presidency and the power wielded from the oval office that causes the smokescreens to arise.
Back to Easter”Resurrection Sunday. There are many smokescreens and distractions that have crept in here too and for the same reason. It is eternally important and involves great power. There is good reason that we are drawn back to church on Easter. The truth of the resurrection continues to call out from all of the distractions of easter bunnies and foil wrapped candy. Resurrection Sunday is the celebration that flows from power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. There is nothing more important or powerful in all of human existence. Paul underscores the centrality of Easter in reverse by saying " if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and our faith is in vain. Everything we do as Christians revolves around or flows from that empty tomb.
Don't be overly distracted this Easter”by politicians or easter bunnies, but be wholly fixed upon Christ and his power as shown in his resurrection. For the record: every Sunday is Resurrection Sunday for the undistracted Christian.

The Church at its Best!

Easter Sunday at Sherwood Forest was a vibrant picture of what the church should be about! We were celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and bringing glory to his name with every song, scripture and action! Even the Easter lilies reminded us that nature declares his glory.

             We received eight new members via every avenue that it is possible for the church to receive members. Crawford Corn was baptized into membership as an infant. Meredith Brown confirmed her baptism and celebrated by taking her first communion. Mike Porterfield and Charlie Putnal joined by reaffirmation of their faith. Karen, Luke and Addie Hering joined by transfer of their letter from another ARP church. Lorraine Vernon joined by a first time profession of her faith and we all celebrate with her commitment to Jesus and the church! I couldn't be more excited to receive these wonderful people in to the life and ministry of Christ's church and Sherwood Forest as a microcosm the body of Christ here on earth. May we all continue to welcome them and those that are visiting and will visit the Sherwood family.

We were also able to celebrate both of the sacraments of the church: Baptism and Communion. As Rev. Beard so aptly pointed out: these are the points in the life of the church where God most directly draws near us. What a blessing to be a part of what God has been and is continuing to do in this world!

I am afraid that there is no time to rest on the joy of what God did in our midst last week. I am praying that with renewed energy we continue to be a beacon of God's grace to our neighbors here in the city of Columbia.

-In His Grace, Mark

Taken from the Newsletter 4-11-12


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